Interior Landscapes

interior landscapes

Judith T. Greenberg addresses states of mind and patterns of change
through collages of painted and printed papers.

By Meredith E. Lewis
The Artist's Magazine
January/February 2010

Textured paper shapes form energetically patterned puzzle pieces, all harmoniously fitted together in Judith T. Greenberg's collage compo- sitions. For this mixed media artist, painting, lithography, etching, relief printing and monoprinting are tools for expressing a duality—the complexity of small parts and the simplicity and natural grace of the whole.

Greenberg's unique and practiced style results from a combination of formal art training and a great deal of experimentation over time. Nine years ago, after being introduced to printmaking, she began developing her current methods. "My process continues to evolve," she says, "as I experience and learn more."

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