Confident Color: Secondary and Tertiary Colors

Confident Color: Secondary and Tertiary Colors

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Working with mixed media and elements of collage, Judith T. Greenberg constructs rhapsodic friezes characterized by rhythms of line and outbursts of color. The repetition of forms is reminiscent of William Morris's wallpaper designs; the calligraphic gestures also nod to Hokusai.

To make the collage pieces, Greenberg draws on a Pronto Plate (polyester plate lithography). To affix the resulting rice paper pieces, she uses acrylic gel and a tacking iron.

Though her process is complicated and varied, her motivation is straightforward: "Determining the color story is crucial because the colors set the mood and tone."

What is a color story?

By Maureen Bloomfield
The Artist's Magazine
January/February 2013