Judy Greenberg - Collage painting and printing

I began my art studies at the Art Student's League in New York City. Undergraduate studies were done at Pratt Institute and Carnegie Mellon University. At the University of Wisconsin, Madison, I earned a Master's Degree in Painting. I taught art in public school systems, including Bedford-Styvestant, N.Y., Framingham, MA., and Weston, MA.

The current direction of my art is an oil-based mixed media approach, where printmaking and painting are combined. Each piece is a combination of two or more processes. I like to use each medium for what it does best, what is unique to it, such as painting's spontaneity, monoprinting's surprise element, etching's tonal quality, lithography's repetitive and linear nature, and oil stick for both its transparent and opaque effects. Collage is often an important component.


Sometimes, the further away we get, the better we see, and the closer we get, the better we understand. My pieces explore patterns of design and color found in the natural world. My intention is to construct pieces that describe visually a place and time, that convey the energy and design of a particular moment. The emphasis is on both the complexity of the parts and the simplicity of the whole.

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